5G cellular wireless transmitters “small nodes” are coming to Los Altos. we will continue to post any new information so stay tuned here!


At the Aug 5th Los Altos Special City Council meeting, the Mayor and the three City Council Members present (Anita Enander, Jan Pepper and Neysa Fligor) came prepared to enact a 5G wireless transmitter urgency ordinance. They had thoroughly reviewed the draft ordinance modeled after Mill Valley’s ordinance and had a number of amendments to offer and discussion of the intent of the language employed by BKK, the city’s outside counsel. In a marathon session, they went through each and every section of the ordinance and the two accompanying resolutions and passed amended versions unanimously. The ordinance has been deemed somewhat more restrictive than the Mill Valley ordinance and was drafted specifically for Los Altos. It went into effect immediately. Links to the ordinance and the two accompanying resolutions as passed by the City Council are here:


Design Resolution

Fee Schedule Resolution

Find arguments here from the PRO and CON perspectives, with additional useful information to help understand this complex issue.


While the research on health effects do not conclusively show cell tower radiation causes health effects, it also doesn’t prove without doubt that these technologies have a clean bill of health.  It’s important for us residents to become educated and voice our informed opinions. So, each of us will need to make a decision: What is our sense of risk after we’ve done our own research - do the risks outweigh the benefits?   We recommend reading current information on this topic from diverse and trusted sources, and then taking action:

  1. Send an email to city council (council@losaltosca.gov) and let them know where you stand; and/or

  2. Attend regular City Council meetings which are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings at 7pm in order to have your voice heard on this important topic.

  3. Come back here and watch for other LAR communications on breaking news.

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