July 30, 2019 Special Meeting

The items of interest discussed at the July 30th Special Meeting were the 5G Urgency Ordinance and awarding the construction contract for the new Community Center and a $4 million dollar increase in the budget. For a discussion of the 5G Urgency Ordinance, please go to the Hot Topics section of the website where we’ve provided an update and links to the video and sources cited by some of the public speakers.

The construction contract for the new Community Center was awarded to the sole bidder but not without concern by Mayor Lee Eng and Council Member Enander that the competitive bidding process had failed because the city only received one bid. Concern was expressed that the city’s process for qualifying bidders may have been too restrictive and that accounted for the lack of bidders. Chris Jordan, City Manager, defended the bidding process. He advised that 5 contractors had been qualified and that set up the competitive atmosphere for submitting bids. He suggested that any contractor submitting a bid would have fully expected that the city would receive bids from at least some of the other qualified contractors. After much discussion and questions of the architects, the council selected two of the four add-ons that had been proposed, PV for the asphalt tile version of the roof and a Library/Pedestrian walkway. Skylights, a metal roof and smart glass add-ons were rejected by the Council. The total budget for the Community Center now lies at $38.764 Million. Mission creep is alive and well in Los Altos!