We are your neighbors seeking a resident focus for city government through organization, education, and action.


Our Values

Resident voices need to be heard and acted upon by Los Altos city government as our city changes and grows.

We believe a well informed and engaged citizenry will lead to better decision-making by our city government.

We believe strongly in fact-based decision making by accurately assessing the majority of residents.

We believe in fiscally responsible decision making that benefits and is determined by resident majority.


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GOAL #1 — Raise community issues effectively.

This is what concerns your neighbors. What concerns you?

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GOAL #2 — Champion retaining local zoning control

SB50 is on hold for now, but we need to remain vigilant - this bill and other legislative initiatives threaten to take control away from cities.


GOAL #3 — Promote resident-centric candidates for Los Altos city council.

If you or someone you know is considering running for council, contact us - we want to help.

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What’s been happening lately

at City Council?



When good results happen, we want to acknowledge them and say thank you!

Current Steering Committee: Residents Freddie Wheeler, Michele Coldiron, Fred Haubensak